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OSHA 10-Hour Training Course 

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Basic Information

The OSHA 10-Hour Outreach Training Course for Construction and General Industry are designed to increase and develop a safety awareness in job hazards. It is tailored to your company needs/industry. Course is given in 2 days. 

Who should take this class?

All entry-point employee in a construction, manufacturing, warehousing, maintenance industry. Not only is it a requirement for jobs in the city of Austin but it increases the knowledge in Safety.

OSHA 10-Hour for Construction Topics include:

-Introduction to OSHA
- Fall Protection
-Electrical Safety
-Struck-By/Crush-By/Caught-in-Between Hazards
-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
-Health Hazards (noise, dust, fumes, mist)
-Mobile and Tower Cranes Safety
-Trenching & Excavation Safety
-Materials Handling, storage, use and disposal
-Hand and Power Tool Safety

OSHA 10-Hour for General Industry Topics include:

-Introduction to OSHA
- Fall Protection
-Electrical Safety
-Exit routes and Emergency Action Plans
-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
-Health Hazards (dust, mists, fumes, flammable liquids)
-Material Handling (forklifts, cranes, rigging)
-Machine Guarding
-Bloodborne Pathogens
-Ergonomics- Safe lifting, back safety
-Safety Leadership Principles

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