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Fall Protection Competent Person Training


Basic Information

Course covers the OSHA Fall Protection Standard for construction and an overview of fall protection methods. Course topics include principles of fall protection, components and limitations of fall arrest systems, and OSHA Standards and policies regarding fall protection.

Topics Covered:

Who should take this course?

Anyone working on heights, risk of falling, Supervisors in charge of workers/personnel that are exposed to a fall (4' or 6')

  • Responsibility for Fall Protection

  • Conventional Fall Protection Methods

  • Fall Arrest

  • Lifelines

  • Nonconventional Solutions for Fall Systems

  • Training Programs

  • Assessing Compliance with Fall Protection Standards

  • Compliance of Installed Passive Systems

  • Compliance of Fall Arrest Systems

  • Evaluating Fall Protection Plans

  • Compliance of Residential Fall Protection

  • Compliance of Non-Residential Roof Construction

  • Fall Protection for General Industry

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